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New Boots | Women Shoes and Styles 14.Nov.09

Where did this latest trend come from?  And when did it actually start?  Fashion trends really do have an unnoticed way of just appearing out of nowhere.  When they leave everyone notices and all of the sudden it is the latest fopa.

Heroes in Heels | Utah Women Poll 7.Nov.09

The word trend can mean so much more than just clothing.  Whether you are referring to the latest womens shoes style (which we frequently do here) or the most common response you may receive in a particular conversation both would be considered trends.

Heroes in Heels | Part 1 2.Nov.09

Yesterday my wife came home with botox in her forehead.  Did she need it?  I don’t think so.  In fact a few times I have told her that I would prefer she not do anything like that but let her know that those decisions will always be completely up to her.

Heroes in Heels | Utah Husbands Experience 2.Nov.09

Oh what women go through.  And some times I do not fully understand it.  I probably should not be admitting to this seeing how I write a blog all about women fashion trends.

Boots Boots | What Boots Are Being Worn In Utah? 27.Oct.09

Attending Utah Valley University myself I see my fair share of boots being worn.  But does that exclude this quickly expanding trend to U.V.U?  Of course not.  Church, class, work place, whatever if you haven’t noticed it you will after reading this.  Honestly I love it.

Sole Shoe Style | Who’s got sole? 21.Oct.09

Utah Shoe Authority 17.Oct.09

Is it really possible to know what the next trend is going to be?  Some have said all you need to do is look to past.  I am not sure if I buy that.  I argue that there is such a strong blend between old fashion trends and new trends that no one can really ever see what is coming next or where what we see now has come from.

Utah, Salt Lake City, West Valley, Orem, Provo Shoes 16.Oct.09

Shoes can come at you from everywhere.  The high end stores and website.  The low end stores and website.  And everything in the middle.  What ShoefortheSole has created is the best of all worlds.

Provo Shoes | Straps Straps Straps 10.Oct.09

Single strap heels, Double strap heels, or all out strap heels.  Straps are the latest in style.  Why?  Who cares!

Shoes in Utah …what’s your style? 7.Oct.09

It’s not always easy to decide which pair of shoes to put on in the morning.  Let alone which pair of shoes to buy.  Sometimes the weather decides for you.  Utah has some extreme weather.

How High Can Your Heels Go? | Womens Heels 22.Sept.09

Finding the right pair of heels at the right price is important.  There are times for comfort and time for sacrifice.  Unfortunately nearly always when occasion calls for high heels this also means after a few hours those feet will need a break.

Womens Sandals | Jerusalem Style 22.Sept.09

Let’s face it.  For women, one thing they are not lacking in is shoes or sandals.  No matter how many shoes your closet holds there will always be room for one more pair.

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Each day a new pair of shoes will be listed on the home page, the shoes will remain on the site for twenty four hours and then the next pair will be listed. If the shoe of the day is sold out…

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Clothes and Shoes.  The two most difficult things to buy.  No matter what it is, a house, a car, a television or whatever they may be hard to decide on but one thing is for sure you don’t have to wear them.

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The referral program started as an idea to thank our family and friends for tlling everyone they know about Shoes for the Sole.  However, because we think of all our customers as friends, it only makes sense to offer the program to everyone!

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