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Don’t Like Black | Try Gray

December 22, 2009

Gray Boots | New Suede Buckle Trendy Boots


New Boots Comparison | See For Your Self

December 14, 2009

New Boots Price Comparison Shoes for the Sole vs Amazon The definition of a “no brainer.”  Take a look at both yesterday’s shoes and today’s newest deal offered by Shoes for the Sole.  The new boots displayed and sold every day by your favorite deal of the day site will always be less expensive than any other so-called cheap website.

If you ever have questions about the boots and shoes carried please feel free to contact us.  We assure the response will be timely and informative.

Never before have you seen the combination of buckles,  I.S. ,  style and comfort so conveniently available.  But it is important that you take opportunity as it presents itself.  Shoes for the Sole can only offer these low prices on a daily basis.  One pair of boots or shoes for an all time low price once a day.

If you do, however miss that opportunity to buy at the deal of the day price don’t worry.  They will be just a few dollars more in the Yesterday’s Shoes section of the site.

New Boots | Suede Boots in Slouch

December 4, 2009

Suede Boots Price Comparison

Make the comparison and you will see the drastic difference in pricing.  No where else will you find the same basic concept, look and trend at such an affordable price.

These Suede Boots are offered everywhere in different brands and colors.  The most common suede boot though is in color grey.  Matching with everything.  Here you will see the boots being offered by your very own Shoe for the Sole and by

From this boot is priced lowest at $59.95 please feel free to take a look at it!  With a much lower priced Suede Boot at $20.95 at Shoes for the Sole both your pocket and feet will be happy.

New Boots | In Style? Straps, Buckles, Loose, Suede Boots

December 2, 2009

Stuff those skinny jeans in your boots.  This is the way to do it this winter.  Keep warm, comfortable, and with the trends.  Today as with every other you will find the best deals for affordable shoes on Shoes for the Sole.

This style is similar to those being worn in the 90’s.  But all of the women’s suede boots styles have been brought back and redone to look better than ever.

The main idea behind any boot is the look of comfort.  Wearing the boot almost as though you could care less what it looks like.  You can tuck your skinny jeans right into the boots or let them fall across the top.

The theme or new title many of the latest trends have been titled is the Slouch Boot.  The particular style being shown here would not necessarily be called a Slouch but those being shown in the earlier post are.  Whatever your style or preference do yourself a favor and check Shoes for the Sole.  Offering lower prices with the same styles you will not go wrong.  See for yourself.

Are The New Boots Trends For Real?

November 21, 2009

Evaluate Trends of Preference

Life is busier than ever.  If fashion is important to you life just became more busy.  Evaluating trends and deciding where to buy, what to buy can become time consuming.  But luckily enough whether it be the latest new boots or whatever if you enjoy keeping fashionable it isn’t difficult to enjoy paying attention.

Big Mistake

For instance, let’s take the these new high heels emerging into the fashion world.  WHAT THE!? Even at times the best of the best in creation and uniqueness fall flat on their face.

Alexander McQueen is a spitting image of this.  I don’t know what he was thinking.  I do, however know that I am not stupid enough to pay attention or fall into the unfortunate group who would ever even consider this style.

Of course even those who do make the worlds biggest spoofs have great ideas as well.  Take for instance a line of running gear Alexander has put out.

Much Better

Within every new style there is a good and bad.  Some of us have that gift of discernment and others just simply miss out or fall into bad trends that will later embarrass.

Right now the newest and most relevant trend are all the new boots emerging.  Slouch boots, loose boots, low ankle boots, and high thigh boots.  No matter what type if they are new and can be considered boots they are most likely in style.  With this new trend it is much more difficult to go wrong.  For a few of my most favorite new boots trends visit our deal of the day site.

New Boots | Women Shoes and Styles

November 14, 2009

New Boot Styles

Where did this latest trend come from?  And when did it actually start?  Fashion trends really do have an unnoticed way of just appearing out of nowhere.  When they leave everyone notices and all of the sudden it is the latest fopa.

It seems almost as though one day have the girls in around were wearing new boots.  First it started with Uggs.  Those bulky, ugly but somehow stylish and trendy new boots.  Girls wearing them with leotards, tight jeans, sweats, skirts and shorts.  Really anything.

Now and to my relief the new boot trend has changed a bit.  Rather than thick, bulky and comfy we are seeing loose, leather, buckles and style.  This new evolution within the trend is a fresh new way to work the boot (hide the ankles if need be) and feel comfortable about your legs.

Heroes in Heels | Utah Women Poll

November 7, 2009

Women in UtahThe word trend can mean so much more than just clothing.  Whether you are referring to the latest womens shoes style (which we frequently do here) or the most common response you may receive in a particular conversation both would be considered trends.  A quote as of late in my mind comes from the character Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy: “In order to get a good diagnosis, doctors have to constantly change their perspective. We start by getting the patient’s point of view, though they often don’t have a clue what’s going on. So we look at the patient from every possible angle. We rule things out.”  No matter how confusing or clear something may seem I have found that if you just wait a few moments I am sure the situation will be completely different anyway.  So I figured lets go straight to the source and get an idea of what it is these Heroes in Heels really want.

Not that I don’t think a womans emotions are important by any means.  In fact it is just the opposite.  Living in the moment and for the moment with a woman is key.  The more I think about it the more it seems clear.  The 3 most important things to a woman:

1. Attention: you had better beleive that giving the girl of your life the attention she both needs, wants and deserves is key to making her happy.  How do I know this.  Unfortunately I may be the best of the worst for attention giving.  We will just blame it on family traits for the time being though.  The way the attention is provided certainly depends on the girl.  For some it is touch, others it is gifts, others compliments and conversation and still others (and maybe most) it is all of the above and more.

2. Chocolate; surprising or not.  This commodity has landed itself it the top three of those things that women need, want and love.  Coming close to or next with a nice fitting pair of jeans chocolate is just simply one of those things that if  your your girl has some life will be better.

3. Security; that feeling of “all is well.”  The idea that everything will be alright and the comfort that comes with really is what a women is looking for.  This can be viewed in different perspectives but no matter where you come at it from you will find that a women really needs and wants a secure lifestyle.

Whether seeking it on her own through work, school, and other pursuit.  Or by simply pursuing those men that appear to be the most secure in financial and relationship aspects a woman is driven by this importance.

For any thoughts, additions and or questions please leave a comment.

The information here was derived from a short poll taken from women in Utah to provide a general idea of the thoughts from women as to what they most need and want.

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