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Shoes Line UpShoes for the Sole cares about customer service, our mission is to provide a great product at a great price. We view our business as a partnership between our customers and us. Our responsibility is to provide a pleasant, easy, stress free transaction to keep customers coming back so that we can keep our doors open and continue to provide great products, great prices, and great service.

How Shoes For The Sole works

Each day a new pair of shoes will be listed on the home page, the shoes will remain on the site for twenty four hours and then the next pair will be listed. If the shoe of the day is sold out, you will have to wait until the next shoe is listed at around (come on we’re only human) 10:00 pm Mountain Standard Time (12:00 am Eastern). The shoes listed are in stock and are typically shipped within two to three business days after your purchase.

Why only one pair a day?

By only selling one particular pair of shoes each day we eliminate the overhead created by having to keep a large inventory of shoes. Without this overhead we can deliver rock bottom prices to our customers.

Yesterday’s Shoes

Yesterday’s shoes is a place for all of the shoes that aren’t sold out on their “special” day. However, don’t wait to buy those shoes that you are in love with because yesterday’s shoes will cost more than they did on their “special” day.

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