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Stylish Shoes…Why Not?

January 15, 2010

These are the Five essential steps to discovering the best shoe style:

First. Shape of Your Body

Research has proven that everyone is simply drawn to symmetry, so that’s the reason an hourglass shape is determined to be as perfect due to the equal proportions on both the top and bottom. Frankly speaking, you need footwear that equalize out your body shape without making any part of your body look heavier than the other proportions.

So if you’re more of the top-heavy or thicker type on the upper half you should look for in-style and stylish shoes that bring more focus and width to your lower half like a pair of bright colored shoes or anything with details and shine, or on the other hand if you’re bottom-heavy you’ll look best in shoes that are simple and won’t highlight your hips and legs.

Second. Height

We are attracted to the longest-looking line so you need a pair of shoes that streamline your overall height (from bottom to top) and the length of your legs without making you look stubby.  Determine if you’re a petite, average or tall, and how long the bottom half of your body is compared to your top half.

You can’t get it wrong with {stylish shoes|shoes} that elongate your body look especially if you already have {wider|thicker|thick} ankles and calves. However if you’re tall or have thin legs then you should decide for yourself if you want to play up or downplay your long figure.

Here are some stylish shoes that help you look longer (and also slim down your ankles and legs):

–          High heels (1 1/2 inch and up)

–          Tall Length boots

–          Shoes with a color that match the color of your bottom (pants or hosiery)

–          Details that run vertically like zippers, stitches, etc.

–          Pointy toe heels

–          T-straps

–          Open toe heels

–          Slim heels (Womens shoes that shorten and widen):

–          Rounded toe heels

–          Details that run horizontally

–          Wide and heavy details such as round buckles

–          Boots that hit the thickest part of your legs

–          Ankle strap heels

–          Closed toe heels

–          Shoes with a color that contrast with the color of your bottom

–          Thick and wide heels

Third. Dimensions of Your Body

I’m referring to the fullness of your body figure. If you’re a skinny person who attempts to wear big thick shoe fashions, they end up looking like hanging lumps on your twig legs. If you have wider legs, or if you’re more of an average or full figure size, thicker shoes will suit you best without making your figure look heavier in comparison.

Fourth. Lifestyle

One rule to live and die by is as follows: Pick a pair of stylish shoes that will blend in with at least 5 of your outfits currently in the closet! Obvious? Maybe.  But surprisingly this is something that is commonly overlooked.

So if you’re an office work woman, then you’ll benefit more by buying flats and low-heel shoes compared to the person who parties every weekend and loves wearing statement shoes.

Fifth. Secure the Classics

Make certain that you have womens stylish shoes that go with almost everything by securing the timeless styles such as:

–          Black flats

–          Black or dark brown knee length slouch boots

So if you find the current fashion frenzies out of this world you will always have a pair that will be in style no matter body shape, the time of the year or what you’re wearing.

Women and shoes have the same kind of relationship that seagulls have with chips. The thrill of the hunt, and of finding a unique piece of designer footwear, drives many ladies on countless shopping trips and expeditions. There are plenty of shoes and boots out there but it’s a rare few that will be the perfect match for an individual.

Hopefully this list will give you a place to start your research – whether you are a friend looking to pick up just the right present, or a member of the shoe loving, fetish having, sale finding, fashion wearing groups with the rest of the world!

Slouch Boots

Boots are a type of shoes that the entire foot and calf is hidden. These can have both the flat or raised heels and include such fashion staples as the ugg boot, slouch boot, and wellington boot.


This style is the classic leather shoe, including laces to close and secure the foot. THe more creative iterations have heels or other alternative sole styles.

Flippity Flop

Sandals are great for summer wear, consisting of a flat or raised sole which is secured to the foot and ankle by straps. These straps can vary in design from a chunky leather number good for hippies and folk festivals, through to slender black corded designs for ladies of the night.

Wedgie Anyone?

A Wedge shoe covers a broad range of footwear – with the common feature that the raised sole does not have a space between the toe and the heel, but is one continuous wedge shape.

Get Pumped

Pumps have not been the latest stylish shoes but have and always will remain a popular style of closed sided shoe, which may have an ankle strap. Pumps usually feature a raised heel, which can be quite high.

Now remember you will find each and everyone one of these styles through Shoes for the Sole which this article is brought to you by.


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