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Are The New Boots Trends For Real?

November 21, 2009

Evaluate Trends of Preference

Life is busier than ever.  If fashion is important to you life just became more busy.  Evaluating trends and deciding where to buy, what to buy can become time consuming.  But luckily enough whether it be the latest new boots or whatever if you enjoy keeping fashionable it isn’t difficult to enjoy paying attention.

Big Mistake

For instance, let’s take the these new high heels emerging into the fashion world.  WHAT THE!? Even at times the best of the best in creation and uniqueness fall flat on their face.

Alexander McQueen is a spitting image of this.  I don’t know what he was thinking.  I do, however know that I am not stupid enough to pay attention or fall into the unfortunate group who would ever even consider this style.

Of course even those who do make the worlds biggest spoofs have great ideas as well.  Take for instance a line of running gear Alexander has put out.

Much Better

Within every new style there is a good and bad.  Some of us have that gift of discernment and others just simply miss out or fall into bad trends that will later embarrass.

Right now the newest and most relevant trend are all the new boots emerging.  Slouch boots, loose boots, low ankle boots, and high thigh boots.  No matter what type if they are new and can be considered boots they are most likely in style.  With this new trend it is much more difficult to go wrong.  For a few of my most favorite new boots trends visit our deal of the day site.


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